An Artist's Passion

by Rosemarie Turke

My interest in the visual arts has always been a prominent influence throughout my life. I love to explore the many art forms and have done so throughout the various stages of my life. In childhood, in war torn Germany, I found solace through draw-ing. In adulthood, as a parent interacting with my children. Later, my artistic creativity continued as I found ways to integrate art through teaching young children as a Montessori directress.

It was not until I retired that I could devote more time and energy into my passion. There I could find that quiet peaceful place of contentment within. This is what I strive to convey through my renderings. Whether I am painting a child, landscape or still life, I am especially attracted to the simplicity and the "silence" in the Chinese brush painting technique, where the concept of "less is more" is observed.

When selecting a media, it is the subject that dictates the type of media best suited to use. It may be watercolor, pastel, oils or perhaps even a collage that best reflects my intentions for that particular art form. My hope is that the viewer will also share similar emotions, discovering the "joie de vivre" when viewing my artistic expressions.

To purchase Rosemarie's art, please inquire at Reception. (All proceeds go directly to the artist.)